Apple pie for breakfast! That’s my idea of the breakfast of champions. I have no idea whether it is based in truth, but in the movie–Edison, The Man, the great inventor loved apple pie for breakfast. To my mind this makes apple pie brain food. Alas, I am aware of all the calories in pie […]


Photo Challenge: Possibility

Possibilities are everywhere. Could this hole go through to China? Okay, maybe not. But it could lead to the center of the earth where we might find the machinery the aliens are using to run everything. More seeds, but these are pretty.


Since I am just home from Alaska, I’m catching up on everything–including photo challenges. This one is from May 20: Tiny. What is tiny? People in Alaska might tell you Texas is tiny. This place is huge and it is full of big things. Big mountains. Big bears. I took this photo out the bus […]


Okay, so I I opened my e-mail and saw the photo challenge is “water”.  Well, I’m on a cruise so I had better be able to come up with a photo of water. I took this one this morning near Hubbard Glacier. The beautiful blue color comes from the Glacier ice melting. The gorgeous reflection […]