This is the most exciting moment in the history of publishing. Matthew Shear, Publisher, St. Martin’s Press, speaking of the emergence of digital books.


How are you paying for RWA National?

Days after registering for the 2011 RWA National Conference, I’m still shaking from sticker shock. When I consider the registration is not the biggest expense, well, I start calculating. How to pay for this trip? The answer to this question should be–by selling a book, but I’m not counting on that happening before June (and […]


RWA National Highlights

Just back from Washington, D.C. and the RWA National Conference. I’ll post some pics later in the week as I get my act together here. Today I want to get back to writing as well as catching up on all the stuff that slid off my radar this past week. Here are a couple of […]


Stuff I haven’t done this week

In preparation for heading to D.C. for the Romance Writers of America national conference next week, I should have: 1. Got a hair cut. 2. Got a decent dress (or at least checked to see if my old one still fits) 3. Made a plan for what I’m doing when I get there 4. Finished […]