Have you noticed that you can write about anything and WordPress will suggest a link for you? Elephants. Beer. Major League Baseball and all manner of topics may come to mind on a given day. Normally, I spend some time Googling and otherwise searching the internet for appropriate links in case my faithful readers want […]


LennyTunes: Talkin’ TV & That’s All Folks

Okay, I don’t usually use the topic suggestions from the Post A Day Challenge, but I couldn’t resist this one: “Pick a blog or blog post you enjoy and blog about it.” This is my chance to share my favorite new blog with you. It’s called Lenny Tunes and it’s all about TV. It’s only fair […]


Post-a-day Month One

One month of post-a-day. Time for a quick reflection back before charging ahead to February (the longest month of the year. More on that topic tomorrow). Here’s a random sampling of things I’ve learned this month. Routine helps. I’ve managed to establish a routine. Because I live in Pacific time, I always feel a bit […]