Seattle doesn’t get many sunny days. If you happen to watch The Killing you might have the impression that Seattle is always dark and gloomy. That’s not true. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t rain here a lot. All those cloudy, rainy days help the city look extra shiny when the sun is […]


What’s Your Sunshine Song?

For some reason, the soundtrack in my head is weather specific. I noticed last fall when the sun came out for a few days in a row that my head immediately went to the Sesame Street theme song, “Sunny Days . . .” when I stepped outside to walk the dog. I have not idea […]


South Perry Safari

The gorgeous blue skies on Sunday forced me out into the sunshine with camera and dog. From SouthPerrySafari Hey–it’s not easy doing the tripod and timer thing with a dog! Have you ever seen such blue skies? From SouthPerrySafari And interesting sites. A money plant? Silver dollar plant? I’m not sure what it’s called. I […]


Out in the wild

It’s raining here in Spokane as I write this, but today was bright and clear. A perfect day for a hike. Hike My husband and I took the dog and hit a local trail. I’ve never been to this spot before. It reminded me a bit of hiking the “M” trail in Missoula, Montana. It’s […]