Overheard: I can forgive a lot, but no dessert? That’s not negotiable. I paid good money for this. Reported in Kate Rothwell’s blog.  


Ode to RWA National

Well, this isn’t really an ode–it’s a limerick. And it isn’t actually about RWA National. It’s more about getting ready for National. If you hang out with RWA members through various online sites (or even in person) you may have noticed a trend. From the time registration for the National conference opens, through announcement of […]


Fortune Cookie Fate

Ack! I’m late with my Post-A-Day post! Check it out. “Your trip East will be very beneficial.” Could this refer to my planned trip to RWA National in New York City? That is East of my home in Spokane, Washington–so yes. Yes, it does. Fortune cookies don’t lie–do they? I can’t wait to find out […]