How are you paying for RWA National?

Days after registering for the 2011 RWA National Conference, I’m still shaking from sticker shock. When I consider the registration is not the biggest expense, well, I start calculating.

How to pay for this trip? The answer to this question should be–by selling a book, but I’m not counting on that happening before June (and even if it did, the chances are good I wouldn’t see $$ by then).

Time to think of other possibilities because I’m not missing this trip. Not only do I look forward to the conference every year–for networking, hanging with friends and learning about the business, but this year it is in NYC. My daughter lives in New York and I plan to visit her..

Recently I discovered that my Amazon Visa card allows me to use points for things other than Amazon gift cards. On the list–Marriott hotel gift cards. I’m using that Visa for everything now–even groceries–so that I can accumulate Marriott gift cards.. Of course, this strategy only works if I pay my monthly bill in full when due (thus avoiding interest), so I’m not going crazy with purchases. Just racking up my normal expenses, but charging them to the card as much as possible.

I’m also working on using airline points to pay for the flight. My husband, who does a lot of business travel should be able to transfer some points to me. If I can get my flight with points and my hotel bill at least partially paid through credit card points (even with a roomie I’m looking at over $800 in room charges), I just might be able to get to the Big Apple and home again without going into debt.

How about you? Any strategies for saving money on this summer adventure?

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