Fortune Cookie Fate

Ack! I’m late with my Post-A-Day post! Check it out.

“Your trip East will be very beneficial.”

Could this refer to my planned trip to RWA National in New York City? That is East of my home in Spokane, Washington–so yes. Yes, it does.

Fortune cookies don’t lie–do they? I can’t wait to find out how my trip will be beneficial.

Seriously–I do believe fortune cookies can help determine our fate. When you crack that cookie open and read your fortune–what is the first thing that comes to your head? Most likely you will have one of two responses:

  1. That’s silly. It has nothing to do with my life.
  2. Wow. How did the cookie know?

If you have response number 1, toss that tiny slip of paper in the recycle bin because it won’t have any effect on your life. On the other hand, if the words mean something to you–that fortune is yours. Own it and it will come true.

For example–many years ago I got a fortune that said, “A new romance will come into your life.” Keep in mind that at that time I’d been married for some twenty years. I was (and am) happy with the man in my life and our romance is all I want. But when I read that fortune I immediately thought about this romance novel that I’d written and put aside after a rejection.

I knew that romance needed to be revised–made new–and sent out there again. That novel became, Loving Mercy, my first published novel. The magic in the fortune cookie was its power to rev me up–get me off my duff and working on that novel.

I’m pretty sure this latest fortune will be just as powerful.

In the same way–I’m working to make my trip to NYC this summer worthwhile. That means I’ve got to have a couple of manuscripts ready to go. The fortune cookie says.

I’ve confessed my weird fortune cookie superstition. What strange superstitions do you have?

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