Moon over Tempe Farmer’s Market

   Tempe Farmer’s Market in Clark Park. Always a fun food truck. Small, family friendly market with some great local products.


Back to the Future

It’s official. I have now lived the entire range of Back to the Future I and II from 1955 to 2015. Now all I have to do is get to 1885 and I will have lived it all! I’m working on equipping this high tech skateboard with a Flux Capacitor, so I can take a […]


Just south of downtown Phoenix, off Central Avenue you will find a little bit of nature on Rio Salado.     A quiet place for contemplation.               I’m throwing in this photo of some cacti just to prove this is Arizona. Don’t let the Northwestern skies fool you. 


Double Rainbows 

It’s one of those double rainbow kind of day here in Phoenix. Dramatic skies with a dust storm followed immediately by rain and this sign that somewhere out there, the sun is still shining.