I decided to take the plunge into the iPhone world. I’ve enjoyed my Droid 2, but really wanted something that would communicate better with my Mac and iPad.

Here are my first thoughts. Right out of the box I loved the feel-much like a mini iPad. Since my iPad has become an extension of my hands this felt right.

I turned it on, connected to the cloud and had all my contacts and calendars. Slick!

Next I took a photo of my cat Zed sitting on my lap. This is in very low light, but looks great.


The process is as quick and easy as advertised. A double-click of the home button gives you a choice of sliding to turn on, or tapping the camera icon. The camera pops open quickly and it’s easy to snap a picture by hitting the volume up button.

This next photo is a self-portrait with my cat on my lap. It’s taken with the front camera.


This morning I took a photo of some fall color on the grounds of our local library.


I’ll finish with the quick paragraph dictated on Siri. Other than adding punctuation I’m not editing this at all. I see one error and Siri market showing that it wasn’t sure.

Okay Siri added a second error market instead of “marked it.” I’d say the jury is out on Siri. I’ll give it a fair for dictation software–so far.

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