It drives me crazy when people talk about romance novels in terms of formula. It’s not a formula–it’s a genre, which means every novel is going to have elements in common. If those core elements are missing, it’s not a romance. (Famous example–Gone With The Wind is not a romance. They don’t end up together in the end!)

Here’s a fun video from the Axis of Awesome that shows the 4 chords in many (they actually say–all) hit pop songs.



  1. lennyburnham says:

    Really great video. I agree about how annoying it is when people talk about formulas. Sometimes in my program they’ll say there are only ten stories, but then the examples they give of different stories are like “love lost” or “coming home” or “gone to war”, so it’s, like, uh, I think if those are the ten we have to work with then we’ll be fine.

    If you look at TV, most shows have their own specific structure, but the best writers realize that they can do 1,000 different things with that structure. “Phineas and Ferb” is one of the finest shows around and it sticks to a formula like nobody’s business. Same for “House.”

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