Dad passed away in 2004, but I still think about him every day.

For Father’s Day, I wanted to share a little bit about the man who most influenced my life.

He was tall and strong. At six feet even, he was a giant to little kid me. He was patient enough to let a five-year-old help him paint the house, but hated heavy traffic and crowded places. Though he had a temper, he was slow to show his anger. (This used to drive my mom crazy on occasion because she loved verbal sparring).

My Dad loved music. He used to sing me to sleep when I was little. He showed me how to play the trombone when I was in high school. (My instrument was the clarinet and a bit of tenor sax, but I also fooled around on the trombone).

Dad on trombone.

In spite of his love of music and good musical taste, he still managed to sit through all of my junior high and high school band performances.

Most of all, he loved me. He always made me feel special, which probably accounts for a good amount of whatever self-confidence I can claim. (Like most authors, my confidence tends to go up and down from moment to moment).

Dad holding me while I explore the river.

Dad in his Navy uniform

Sitting on the porch

Out for the evening

I could not have asked for a better dad.


  1. No matter what they may think, dads influence their daughters a great deal. Mine was the strong, silent type who found it hard to show emotion. I don’t think he liked me very much after I turned seven, but he alone came to my college graduation, even going so far as to drive the car through some horse manure on the way to the school “for good luck”.
    Then, as I received my diploma, the man who found it difficult to express his emotions stood up in the bleachers and cheered for me, waving wildly so I could see him.
    Men. Go figure. This is my most vivid memory of my dad. Thanks for making me remember!

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