I went a little camera crazy on my Alaska trip, taking over 2,000 photos with my new camera (a Canon Rebel XS digital SLR). I’m still learning to use this thing, but having all kinds of fun with it.

I got some pretty good pictures, a lot of awful shots and many, many boring photos. I’m slowly weeding through all of these pics. Here are a few birds I caught posing for pictures along the way.

A raven poses outside the Alaska State Museum in Juneau

After we learned something about the importance of the raven in Tlingit culture, we found ravens everywhere.

I took these pictures outside the Alaska State Museum in Juneau.

We found eagles everywhere along the coast of Alaska.

Eagle landing on nest.

Okay–that one was totally a cheat. I took this shot with my cell phone in the museum in Juneau.

Eagle watching our tour boat pass.

This was one of many eagles we spotted in the trees from our Crab fishing tour (a tour featuring some of the folks who have been featured on Deadliest Catch).

I know I should have saved the eagles for last because my next two birds are not that exciting. But I couldn’t resist taking pictures when the birds were posing so nicely.

Hanging out in the bus parking lot in Denali National Park

I know Mew Gulls are everywhere and not very exciting next to grizzly bears, caribou and moose. But this guy probably knows people mean food. Most gulls have that figured out. Even though we were cautioned to leave all food on the bus, I’ll bet some people forget and gulls are very good at scrounging.

Last I have a couple of Stellar Jays I found in a park in Skagway.


  1. Very nice photos!

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