I have a bit of time before the next scheduled eat-a-thon on the ship. I’m going to see if I can upload a few pictures with some of my adventures of the last few days. First–just to prove I have not been passively sitting on the ship the whole time, let’s start with our bicycle tour from Skagway.

We took a van into the mountains above Skagway–beyond the U.S. Customs station–though we didn’t actually enter Canada.

The views were spectacular. It was a 13 mile bike trip–mostly downhill with frequent stops. Not exactly a challenging ride, but lots of fun and a chance to feel close to the mountains.

I’m going to create a whole album from this ride and post them later when internet time doesn’t feel so precious.

Skagway was yesterday. The day before that we went to Juneau. We probably got more exercise there because we took the city bus out to Mendenhall Glacier. The bus stop is about 1.5 miles from the Mendenhall Visitor Center and that was mostly uphill–though not a steep incline. We walked all around Mendenhall and took a tour bus back–saving ourselves that 1.5 mile return walk.

That hat is getting to be quite the world traveler. I now have pics of myself with the hat at Iguazu Falls in Argentina, The Grand Canyon and now Alaska.

Today–another glacier. We observed Hubbard Glacier from the ship. Quite an expedition through ice to get this close to the glacier.

Hey–did you notice these are pictures of me? I have been making a point of getting people to take pictures of me. Otherwise I go home with hundreds of photos, but no evidence that I traveled to these places.


  1. lennyburnham says:

    Looks fun!

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