Have you noticed that you can write about anything and WordPress will suggest a link for you?

Elephants. Beer. Major League Baseball and all manner of topics may come to mind on a given day. Normally, I spend some time Googling and otherwise searching the internet for appropriate links in case my faithful readers want to lean more about the subject.

Now WordPress is recommending links, which saves a lot of time. Some of the links are sort of funny though. On my last post, you may notice a link for Cell phone. This goes to the Wikipedia article on Mobile Phones–just in case you weren’t sure what I meant by Cell phone.

For some reason, WordPress is not offering me a link on elephants. Perhaps it requires more information. I do remember from various trips to zoos over the years that you can distinguish African elephants from their Indian cousins by the shape of the ears. Those from Africa have ears shaped like the continent of Africa while elephants from India have smaller, less distinguished ears. I believe Dumbo was of the African variety.

Okay. I’m done playing with this feature. WordPress rocks!


  1. lennyburnham says:

    I noticed the link to cell phones and thought it was weird that you included that. I didn’t know that WordPress does that. So any word you type could wind up being a link?

    • No. You have control over which links you want. One choice is “apply all.” I did it on that post just to be funny. Normally, I just click on the links I find helpful.

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