LennyTunes: Talkin’ TV & That’s All Folks

Okay, I don’t usually use the topic suggestions from the Post A Day Challenge, but I couldn’t resist this one: “Pick a blog or blog post you enjoy and blog about it.”

This is my chance to share my favorite new blog with you. It’s called Lenny Tunes and it’s all about TV. It’s only fair to mention that Lenny is actually my daughter Magdalena, so I can’t claim objectivity here.

Lenny Tunes covers a wide range of topics–within the range of television broadcast and cable channels. I especially enjoy her weekly Girl on Girl on TV feature that summarizes how the TV world portrays lesbians.

Other regular features include a commentary on the NBC Thursday night line-up and an in-depth look at each new Saturday Night Live episode.

I love TV and I’ve always enjoyed looking beneath the surface of my favorite shows. In our family as the kids were growing up–talking about The Simpsons and discussing obscure Simpsons references was a daily occurrence. We still enjoy sharing our take on TV shows and the occasional movie via e-mail. Is it any wonder that we raised a daughter who aspires to write television comedy?

Lenny comes by her TV love honestly and her blog is a delight to read.

So–check it out!


  1. lennyburnham says:

    Just checked my stats and today I broke my record for busiest day! So, thanks again!

  2. lennyburnham says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

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