Blossoms Underfoot

The home we lived in for the the past 20 years featured a blossoming front lawn.

It didn’t start out that way. The first Spring after we moved in, these small purple blossoms appeared in the flower bed in front of the house. I (incorrectly it turns out) assumed they were crocuses. Each Spring more and more blooms popped up until the entire front lawn looked like a purple carpet.

It was such a stunning sight, the local paper asked if they could send a photographer over to capture our lawn. They did and the paper’s gardening experts identified the flowers as squill.

I wonder if those flowers have appeared yet, and what the new home owners think of them. I hope they’re enjoying them.


Walking the dog here in Spokane last week, I spotted this carpet of white flowers. Different from the purple blossoms on our Missoula lawn, but they reminded me of our old home.

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  1. kate r says:

    Aww, I’d miss the walkway of flowers if they looked like that.

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