Photo Challenge: Light

Cameras are all about light. Not that I really understand the science, but I know it is light that makes a camera work. Back in the film days, it was the lens opening up and allowing light in to expose the film. I have no idea how that translates to the digital world, but I know you gotta have light to make it work.

Taking pictures means playing with light. One of my favorite games is capturing reflections. I’ve got a million photos of buildings reflecting off of buildings in L.A., New York, Dallas.  Take an old, classic building and view its reflection on a shiny new skyscraper. It’s a cliche, I know.

The reflection photos that came to mind when I saw this week’s photo challenge were these pics I took in Missoula back in November of 2008. The lights of downtown reflecting off the Clark Fork River at night.

I’m standing on the south side of the river, near the Higgens Avenue bridge. That’s the Wilma theatre with its gaudy new (at the time) neon red marquis.


Red neon with scrolling animation on a Missoula landmark. It makes me shudder. But that splash of red on the river is very cool.

I spotted while walking the dog one night and kicked myself for not having my camera on hand. The next night I went back to capture the view. Preserving a memory.

Who knew at the time that I would be moving away from Missoula. I used to walk along this stretch of river nearly every day. Now, I’m really glad I have my photos.

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