Photo Challenge: Spring mud means worms

The photo challenge this week is Spring. I hunted around for signs of Spring. Here in Spokane, we are still having chilly weather, though rain has replaced snow (for the most part).

I was in Seattle a week ago and trees were beginning to blossom, but I’m not seeing blossoms here yet. What I am seeing is worms. Mostly dead and shriveled on dry sidewalks–not very photogenic!

If I was going to get a decent photo, I figured I would need a worm safari. So, I gathered camera, dog and my courage and headed out. Hunting worms when it isn’t raining requires some digging. My strategy was to look for rocks in mud and turn them over to reveal worms.

The first rock I chose hid a beautiful, fat earthworm. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera ready and I missed that one. The guys I captured on camera may be puny, but they’re alive, well and singing, “Spring is almost here!”

On the way home from my worm safari, I found this lonely blossom.

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