Comfort Rules, Fashion Ghouls

Well, maybe not ghouls–but it isn’t me.

I choose my clothing for comfort and practicality. My concern with appearance is limited to wanting to look neat in colors I enjoy.

I also want to fit in. To look professional when need be and dressy when called upon.

It’s the last one–those gala experiences that cause me to struggle.

First of all, I won’t wear heels. I don’t enjoy cramming my feet into shoes that get narrow just when my foot is at it’s widest. Heels use gravity to cram your toes down into a point. Who decided that was a good idea?

I do have dresses and even a couple of evening gowns. I’ll let you in on a secret–I wear shorts underneath them. It’s the only way I feel comfortable.

I know women who love an excuse to dress up. They spend hours with make-up and hair styling, choose jewelry, handbag and yes–pointy shoes and feel like Cinderella off to the palace.

I wish them well and hope they have a wonderful time.

Give me my secret shorts and flat shoes and I’ll rub along with those occasional princesses. I’ll be the one appearing as the fish out of water. All sparkly, but struggling to suck in the oxygen.

That’s okay. The next day I’ll be back in my jeans and sweatshirt, socializing in my virtual world. It might seem dull, but hey–it’s comfortable.

What’s your style? Fashion or not? Perhaps in jeans, but enjoy the occasional night of tripping the light fantastic in your glass slippers.


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