Legally Blonde-The Musical

After months of anticipation, I finally got to see “Legally Blonde–The Musical” playing this weekend at the INB Performing Arts Center in Downtown Spokane.

I loved the Reese Witherspoon movie version of this story back in 2001. As an attorney, I got a kick out of the courtroom scenes and the law school experience as portrayed in this movie. It’s not realistic–yet there’s a ring of truth to it. I’ve even used the movie to help teach Girl Scouts about the rules of evidence and proper cross examination of a witness.

So combining my love of “Legally Blonde” with my fondness for musicals figured to make an enjoyable Saturday afternoon.

Sure enough–there was Elle Woods (and her dog Bruiser) live on stage. Lot’s of singing. Terrific dancing and enough energy to power Manhattan for a month.

Not too many memorable songs, but catchy tunes and lots of fun. The plot was very similar to the movie, with enough twists to keep it interesting. We still want to hate Professor Callahan and we’re rooting for Elle all the way. By the end of the show we’re even a bit nostalgic for the old days with the Delta Nus.

Oh, yeah. That’s a fictional sorority. My love of Delta Nus is similar to my husband’s love of his favorite TV show from childhood–Woody’s Roundup. Nostalgia is even more fun when you have selective memory.

No. I’ll never be a Delta Nu sister, but I can enjoy watching this amazing network of women on stage or on screen. I’ll take it.

Thumbs up for this play. Now I can’t wait to see the movie again.

What’s your favorite musical adaptation? What musical adaptation totally ruined a story for you?

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