Favorite word?

The nice folks at The Daily Post have been providing us with blog topics for the Post-A-Day challenge. I haven’t used many of these topics, but I couldn’t resist this one.

What is my favorite word, you ask? Cacophony.

I love the sound of cacophony. Not a cacophonous sound exactly. Just a hint of tumbling tumult as the syllables trip off the tongue.

It’s not a beautiful word. Lavender is beautiful. Melodious, dulcimer and eulogy each sing when spoken.

Cacophony can’t be pretty. A delicate, pretty word would not convey the blaring, raucous din we’re describing when we use this onomatopoeic word.

It’s fun to say cacophony. But it isn’t as much fun as serendipity. Now there’s a fun word.

Just your basic hard-working term that means what it says and says what it means. A brawny, homely dude in overalls and a hard hat–waiting–always ready for the moment when the description fits.


Love it.

So, what’s your favorite word?

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