Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

We’re all on this planet together, but the world is full of boundaries. Obstacles that separate us. Oceans and mountain ranges form natural barriers between states and countries.

This river, provides a boundary between Gonzaga University and Washington State University at Spokane.

While mother nature creates some formidable boundaries, we humans find ways across them–bridges and “Chunnels.” Airliners and ships.

Maybe even the internet. I mean–folks can read this blog from anywhere on earth. (And beyond, too. Most space vehicles have internet, don’t they?)

Given all the methods we’ve devised for overcoming natural boundaries it may seem odd that we’re also busy putting up barriers. Even within our homes we have walls and doors for privacy and pouting.

Then there are barriers we put up to keep little four legged critters safe.

The natural desire to reach beyond the boundary starts at a young age.

These chums join together for a chorus of “Don’t Fence Me In.”

Crossed any boundaries lately? Was it physical or metaphorical?

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