TV Theme Poll Closed

Okay, it’s time to close the TV theme poll. I’ll post a new poll next week.

If you click on the “results” button you can see that most people voted for “it depends”. That was my choice also. I usually listen to TV theme music (if I have power over the remote–or put another way–if there is no man in the house).

However, I will fast-forward through when watching multiple episodes on a DVD. I only need to hear the theme once a day.

Not sure I learned much from this poll because I don’t know why other people chose “it depends.” Perhaps what I’m learning here is that I’m not very good at designing polls.

But I plan to keep trying until I get it right.

Now its the end of the week and I need to work on a Word Play for Saturday. What will it be? Another limerick? Hmm.

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