Ground Hog Day

As I’m writing this on February 1, I can’t be sure what the famous rodent will see his shadow or, not.

Given the weather everywhere east of the Rockies, I’m thinking there won’t be any sun to make a shadow. Still, it seems like most years Phil’s prediction is for six more weeks of winter. This as opposed to an early Spring.

Of course, having spent the last many years living in Montana, I can’t help but feel that six more weeks of winter is an early spring. Anytime Spring starts before the end of March, it is time to celebrate!

So, the main purpose of Groundhog day for me is simply hope that Spring will come. Even as we experience bone-chilling temperatures and piles of snow–we can picture those Spring rains. The mudlicious world of melted snow, giving way to April showers and rainbows when the sun peeks through. We imagine blossoms emerging from the earth and new green leaves appearing on branches that had seemed interminably bare against the gray sky.

Color, light and new life will come. In Spring.


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