Post-a-day Month One

One month of post-a-day. Time for a quick reflection back before charging ahead to February (the longest month of the year. More on that topic tomorrow).

Here’s a random sampling of things I’ve learned this month.

Routine helps.

I’ve managed to establish a routine. Because I live in Pacific time, I always feel a bit behind when it comes to social networking and blogging. With a couple of exceptions I’ve managed to create a post each day before going to bed, scheduling the post to appear early the next morning. This seems to work well. On days when I’ve been too tired to schedule my post before going to bed, I don’t get the post up until afternoon Pacific time, which means evening or late night for folks to the east. But at least I did make my daily post!

Photos = extra fun

I’ve had fun sharing some photos of my cats and my walks. I enjoy taking pictures and will continue to include photos as a regular feature on this blog.

Ideas are easy

But it’s hard to bring it home. At any given time I have two to four drafts going on a variety of topics. I get at least a title and one sentence down so that I don’t forget the idea, then I let it sit until I’m ready to expound. Sometimes I’ll come back to the idea the next day. Other ideas may take a week or two to complete in fits and starts. (I actually started this post a week ago).

When I’ve reached the end of the day and time to schedule the next day’s post, it’s great to have those drafts, sitting and waiting to be completed. I either pick one, or start a new topic depending on my mood.

Word Play

I’m enjoying my weekend Word Play feature. So far, I’ve composed two new limericks. I’m planning to continue with limericks and haikus as well as other fun word play. Look for a crossword puzzle or two in the near future.

Android App

The WordPress Android App is awesome. Not only can I create original posts from my phone, but I can edit drafts on the go. This means I can sit in the Dentist’s waiting room and work on a blog post. Cool, eh?


This is the most fun goal I’ve ever set. I really enjoy coming up with the blog posts each day. And it’s great to look back and see how many I’ve written. It’s a small accomplishment, but I’ll take it.

What is the most fun task you face each day?

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