Why Blog?

Unless you’re one of the minority of bloggers who have an audience, blogging is a bit like talking to yourself.

Seriously, I think a lot of people take up blogging because they want a soapbox from which to shout to the world. Of course, blogs are perfect for that. A person with no contacts and little money can make his thoughts available to the public through the internet.

But making your thoughts available to everyone with an internet connection, does not mean all those people will be reading your wise pearls. Of course, you can put a lot of effort into promoting your blog and building a readership if that’s your goal. It isn’t mine. Not for this blog anyway.

I have my website for promoting my books and workshops. This blog is for me. A place where I can express the things that have been on my mind. If a few people find my words entertaining or thought provoking–great. I’m always happy to have a conversation.

What do you do to chew on ideas or thoughts that are nagging you? Long walks? Hot baths? An pen and paper journal?

Add your thoughts

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