Ode to RWA National

Well, this isn’t really an ode–it’s a limerick. And it isn’t actually about RWA National. It’s more about getting ready for National.

If you hang out with RWA members through various online sites (or even in person) you may have noticed a trend. From the time registration for the National conference opens, through announcement of Golden Heart and Rita finalists and traveling on planes, trains and automobiles one topic is repeated more than any other–losing weight.

It seems we are all determined to lose 5, 10, 15 or more pounds before arriving. This rhyme is dedicated to those stalwart women who hit the gym, skip the munchies and fight to get slim!

Each year there is many a write’n chick,
Trades chocalate bar in for a carrot stick
Her sweat is for fashion,
Not pleasure or passion,
For one night in gown, heels and lipstick.

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