Online Workshops Coming Your Way

When asked what I do for a living, I often answer “odd jobs.” What’s odder than being a writer, after all?

One of the odd things I do is teach online workshops. Kidding. Online workshops are actually fun and a great way fit a workshop into a busy schedule. I really enjoy meeting people online and helping them to develop their stories.

Here’s my schedule for 2011 so far.

2011 Calendar

* Indicates registration is full
** Indicates event is restricted to members or registered conference attendees

Event Hosted by Date
The Four Point Critique* Savvy Authors Jan 31-Feb 17 $25**
The Four Point Critique* Savvy Authors Feb 14-Mar 4 $25**
3-D Action Scenes Savvy Authors Feb 28-Mar 18 $15/$25
Fireman & The Arsonist Savvy Authors Mar 28-Apr 26 $15/$25
Putting Wings on Your Backstory Savvy Authors Jun 20-Jul 18^^ $15/$25
The Four Point Critique Savvy Authors Aug 1-Aug 19 $25**
  • One reason I love participating in online workshops is it gives me the chance to interact with other writers. What is your favorite way to interact with people in your field?

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