Unsovled Mysteries–Food

Okay, this is probably only a mystery to me. I don’t get why some of the most delicious foods have the lowest calories.

For example–take strawberries. A cup of strawberries is somewhere around 45- 50 calories. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time eating an entire cup of strawberries, so a typical serving of berries is more like a half cup. Let’s call that 25 calories. This as opposed to a 2.07 ounce Snickers bar that weighs in at 280 calories.

I mean–is it fair for one sweet treat to be so light while another is so heavy?

No. I don’t think so.

And it isn’t just sweets that are mysterious.. How about Chobani Greek Yogurt? This stuff is definitely as creamy as ice cream–yet there is no fat in there. How do they do that? I guess it’s the way Greek yogurt is made, but Chobani is the only brand I’ve tried, so I can’t compare others. I know there is such a thing as artificial fat, but that’s not what’s going on here. It’s a mystery. Or possibly magic of some kind.

6 ounce Chobani Strawberry yogurt = 140 calories.

4 ounce scoop of Very Strawberry ice cream at Baskin- Robbins = 220 calories.

Here’s another one–corn chips and salsa? The salsa has few calories, but a handful of chips is something like 150 big ones. Plus you’re getting all that fat and salt. You know what works just as well? Celery. Cut a few stalks into chip size chunks. Celery has the crunch and a nice salty taste. No fat. Close to zero calories. It’s really a satisfying snack–but why is it? It seems like you should need some fat and salt in there, doesn’t it?

The biggest mystery of all may be that people like me–knowing there are these delicious, low-calorie, non-fat foods out there–still crave donuts.


What “too good to be true” foods have you discovered? You know–those foods that satisfy the sweet tooth, or that urge for fatty, creamy, salty without all the sinful sugar, fat and salt?


  1. Inari sushi? Is that vegetarian? Must Google.

  2. Have you had inari sushi? It’s crazy good. I’ve never looked up how much fat is in there, but it can’t be much. Possibly a fair amount of carbs, though.

    At any rate it’s probably good that I’ve gone from always wanting macaroni and cheese to always wanting tofu and rice.

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