Out in the wild

It’s raining here in Spokane as I write this, but today was bright and clear. A perfect day for a hike.


My husband and I took the dog and hit a local trail. I’ve never been to this spot before. It reminded me a bit of hiking the “M” trail in Missoula, Montana. It’s a steep switchback trail, even narrower than the “M.” Of course you usually start the “M” at the bottom and climb until you’ve reached the giant cement “M” that overlooks the University of Montana. This trail starts at the top of a bluff and you walk down.

We had a great time although the trail was a bit slippy-sloppy with mud and ice. As we approached the top on our way home we noticed several quail (or is that quails? The dictionary says both are acceptable, but they both sound wrong to me). It took a bit of maneuvering, but I managed to get a couple of them on camera.

From Hike

You can see all my photos on my Picasa album.

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