Snow plow sniping

Modern urban living requires snow plows. If we didn’t have snow plows, what would we have to complain about all winter?

I’m pretty sure it’s one of the laws of physics that the snow plows can’t clear every street in town as soon as the flakes hit the pavement. I get that. It’s frustrating when the car is bottoming out on the snow, but we live with it because griping doesn’t help.

Here’s what I don’t get–why do the plows have to dump ice rocks and boulders onto the sidewalks?

It’s like a plow-valanche!

This sidewalk was clear before the plow came through.

Since the sidewalks had already been cleared, no one comes back to shovel out these special gifts left behind by the plows. Hopefully, the high temps and rain will do the job. Some of us like to walk on these sidewalks.

Sigh. Glad I got that rant off my chest.

What are your weather related pet peeves?

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