Just a thought

I was determined to get tomorrow’s Post-A-Day 2011 entry scheduled before going to bed tonight. I even had a brilliant idea for what to write about, just as soon as I finished the project I was working on.

Then–oops! I lost the thought.

I actually spent some time searching for it–wandering around the house and hoping it would come back to me. No luck. It had vanished without so much as a muddy footprint. The hunt did yield a new topic–fleeting ideas.

I know you’ve had them. We all have, though it’s fair to say the speed with which ideas escape increases exponentially as we age. I’ll leave it to the scientists to explain why that is.  I suppose it would be useful to talk about how to retrieve those missing strokes of genius, but I haven’t a clue.

Instead, I’m here to pose a question–what have we –the human race–lost? Do you suppose we’d have world peace and  a cure for the common cold,  if only people could hang on to those lightening bolts of brilliance that spark through their minds, then disappears? Or–is it more likely that fleeting thoughts escape so easily because they have no weight? They float away like a helium balloon, defying gravity and our best efforts to hang on.

I’m rather hoping it’s the latter, though there is something about the idea just beyond the grasp of memory that embodies the essence of perfection. Well, not “embodies” exactly since it no longer has substance. It’s more ephemeral–like the scent of purity that lingers after the rain.  Surely, in that absent idea there was insight. Clarity. Beauty.

If only we could get it back.

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