TV viewing poll

I’m trying something a little different. The current poll is in the sidebar on the left.

There’s a split in my house. Personally, I enjoy listening to some theme songs and watching the opening credits. I rarely fast-forward through the opening theme when watching recorded TV. I think the opening credits are an art.

Look at the Dexter opening credits, for example. I love the way they use images of blood and potentially dangerous objects that turn out to be rather innocuous. It’s a lovely way of portraying the two sides of this complex character.

With Gilmore Girls, I just like the song. So, I listen and wait to fast-forward when the commercials start after the theme is over.

So–how do you approach this difficult choice–hit the ff or no? Inquiring minds want to know. Just click on an answer, or make up your own. You can also leave a comment after you’ve voted.

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