Competition from families to football fields

By now you have all heard that my Ducks fell short in the National Championship Game. It was a close and hard-fought game. The Ducks should be proud of their performance. The Tigers deserve the win–they played just that little bit better for the 60 minutes that counted.

I can’t be too disappointed. It was a great season for Oregon and they did play well in this bowl game. I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of them.

In the other big news Monday night–my family game poll closed and it is time to examine those results. (Nice segue, no?)

Okay, not exactly a scientific survey, but a strong trend toward family fun beating out competitiveness. I’m rather surprised there weren’t a few more votes for the tough competition. Games of all kinds are fought hard in our family. We do enjoy being together and playing the game, but winning is important too. Those who have fallen short will be the first to ask for a re-match.

Last year we took a two week cruise over the holidays–just three of us–mom, dad and one daughter. We took a travel edition of Settlers of Catan on that trip and played the game every day. Dad dominated for the entire cruise. We ended up pulling the game out one more time at the airport before we each took flights in different directions–determined to defeat him, which our daughter did. That victory was sweet!

We played Settlers with all three kids this vacation. We also enjoyed Harry Potter Uno, Ticket to Ride, The Simpsons Trivia Game and Simpsons Scene-It.  Each game–hard-fought leaving winners triumphant and losers ready to try again. No hard feelings, cheating or tantrums. Just good fun and a sense that winning isn’t everything–but it sure is more fun.

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