My favorite things

I’m okay with crisp apple strudel, but hold the schnitzel with noodle. Also, I am not crazy about whiskers on kittens–or for that matter–any other kitten parts. Give me a puppy every time.

I got to thinking about my favorite things when digging into my sock drawer Sunday morning. Keep in mind this drawer is stuffed with a wide array of socks. Bright colors, dark, stripes and plain. Lengths from knee to ankle.

It’s cold, so I’m thinking thick, wooly and cozy. One gray pair stands out in the crowd–like a lamb amongst a herd of wolves. I grabbed the socks and smiled.

That’s when it occurred to me–I have a favorite pair of socks. They are Feetures in case you’re wondering and they cost enough that I only own one calf-length pair (two more  pairs of running socks are better in warm weather).

Back to my point. It just seems odd to find such joy in a simple pair of socks. It’s partly for the warmth and coziness they provide. I also love roaring fires, flannel sheets and hooded sweatshirts.

These socks also fit perfectly–like a hug you wear.(Not that I’ve had a lot of foot hugs, but if there were such a thing, it would feel exactly like wearing these socks.).

So they are my favorites. I usually save them for days when I have a long drive or some special event that will keep me on my feet all day.  Today I just decided to splurge. To wear my favorite socks on an ordinary day. What an indulgence!

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring us happiness. What small things give you a big jolt of joy?


  1. So glad to hear I’m not the only one!

  2. angie hottentots says:

    I actually get excited over my black and white argyle socks. I wear em all the time, even when they don’t go with my outfit.

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