2011: Week 2

We are starting the second week of 2011. How many times have you written 2010 by accident?

So far I’ve only done it once.. I think this is largely because I don’t write many checks these days. Credit cards and debit cards are so much easier and more widely accepted. I’m usually somewhere in February before I have the year right consistently.

We’re early in January. Still close enough to the beginning that the year feels fresh and new. We can be hopeful and optimistic. There’s still time to meet our goals. On a larger scale–there is still hope that the economy will turn around–that world leaders will make progress toward peace. Hey–as long as we’re being optimistic–why not go crazy?

Fifty-one weeks left–a lot can happen.

Then we have an incident like yesterday’s shootings in Tucson to remind us the world is still a screwed up place.

Fifty-one weeks left.–a lot can happen.

Most of it is out of my control. I have to work on the parts that are assigned to me and pray about the rest.

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