In snow denial

I’m sitting in front of a warm fire. Key word there–warm. Out the window I can’t help but see snow.

You can’t see it in this pic, but there is white stuff falling. On top of the snow that is out there. The good news is that it had to warm up a bit in order to snow, so it’s balmy. Like in the high 30’s. Still, I’m not happy to see more snow out there.

The trick to snow denial is to avoid looking out the window. Don’t walk to the mailbox. Don’t walk the dog.

Do your shopping online and you can keep this denial stuff up for days. Maybe longer. Now, if I can just convince the dog . . .

BTW, this is day five of the PostADay2011 Challenge. I’m still on target. (360 posts to go).

I had a friend back in Missoula who got through the winter with the mantra–The days are getting longer. Probably works better than denial. What tricks do you use to survive until Spring?

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