Leaving my computer

I’m off on a very much non-pleasure trip–a month of packing and generally getting my house in Montana ready for the big move. I’m taking only my HP mini, which means leaving the laptop behind. This machine–a rather heavy, widescreen HP Pavilion has been my main computer for the past few years, which means all of my important files are on it.

Of course, I back-up. And I have two small external drives, plus a thumb drive for carrying important files around. I think I have everything I need on my mini. And I have even more on the external drive I plan to carry with me (I’m leaving my main back-up drive behind). I’ve spent the past week making sure every file I might need in the next month is with me on one or both devices. And yet, I worry I’ll be missing something.

Do you remember when packing involved things like making sure you had sufficient underwear and a toothbrush? Now it seems to be a major logistical effort–computer, hard-drive, camera, cell phone, iPod, Kindle. Charging cords for all of the electronic devices (and enough charge in all of them to get through the day so that looking for outlets at the airport doesn’t become necessary).

And somewhere along the way I must also find time to pack the underwear and toothbrush.

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