Winter Storm Warning

Here’s what I don’t get–umbrellas in snow. Of course, I make do with a baseball cap in rain. I don’t really like umbrellas.

Snow seems to be different in Ohio. I watch the local weather every morning. They tend to anticipate the snow here–big storm coming Friday they’ve been saying all week. Be prepared. The schools are either closed today or closing early because the storm is expected to wreak havoc with roads by rush hour.

It has been snowing since about 10:00 a.m. here. A steady downfall, but not a blizzard. I can easily see for blocks out my window. High Street, with it’s steady flow of traffic all day looks wet, not snow covered or snow packed. I’m not seeing anything a school bus couldn’t get through. I’m puzzled.

In Montana this would be a normal winter day. No need to stock up at the grocery store and hunker down at home. Things are just different here. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that there are more people, so traffic is heavier and scarier. Or possibly there is something about the culture. I mean it’s not like snow in Florida or Dallas where I’d expect people to freak. Folks here own snow shovels.

I’m a visitor here for one winter. I’ll probably never understand.

Anyone besides me counting down the days until Hester is released? February 16–11 days and counting down fast.

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