Countdown to Groundhog Day

Who knew one day could have so much going on. There’s the business with the groundhog and a shadow. I can never remember if want him to see his shadow or not. Whatever we want the opposite usually happens. But hey–six more weeks of winter doesn’t sound so bad.

Then there’s the Lost season premiere. (I’m actually toying with the idea of going to a special event at my local multi-plex. What do you think? Could be fun, no?)

Last, but not least in my book is the long awaited mass market paperback release of My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys. This is the anthology with Lorraine Heath, Georgina Gentry and me.

You can read an excerpt from my novella, “Moonlight Whispers” at my website. And there is an excerpt from “The Reluctant Hero” by Lorraine Heath here.

This anthology was very well received when it came out in Trade paperback. Lorraine Heath’s story was even a Rita finalist for best novella. I hope the mass market price will make the book accessible to a lot more readers this time around.

So–that’s my latest news. What do you think? Should I go to the big Lost premiere party, or sit at home with my Tivo?

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