December eve

Tomorrow is December first, which means we’re 31 days from the end of 2009. This is the time when ambitious minds to turn to the question of New Year resolutions.

People resolve to lose weight, exercise more and in general do all the things they’ve managed to avoid doing for the past year. It’s strange that we need a whole month to ponder this daunting list of resolutions since it will likely turn out identical to last year’s list. We could save paper by writing the list once and keeping it for every new year. The only trouble with this plan is the likelihood the list will be lost.

Of course I shouldn’t be so cynical. I’m sure New Year resolutions do work for some people. I have heard of folks who get a thrill when they check something off their “To Do” list.  As for me, I usually find the TBD list later only to discover I’ve done half of the list plus several other important things I’d forgotten to put on the list. I guess I’m more inclined to fly by the seat of my pants rather than work my way through a list.

However, it is traditional. So, here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions I can keep.

1. Eat plenty of chocolate.

2. Relax in a long hot bath once a week.

3. Read more good books.

Have any ideas for additions to this list?

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