Pride & Prejudice and Zombies

I have to admit to a terrific curiosity from the moment I heard about this book. My first thought was–ridiculous. And then–sacrilege!

But curiosity won out and I purchased the download from I wasn’t about to waste my precious reading time on this nonsense, but I’m always looking for a good listen for my time in trains, planes and automobiles not to mention the treadmill.

I’m now about four hours from finishing the 11 hour book and I have to say–it is good. The zombies really add to the hilarity of Austen’s original. Listening to Elizabeth Bennet discuss her warrior’s honor as she contemplates beheading Darcy for ruining her sister’s happiness. Well–you can’t help but chuckle.

And reader, Katherine Kellgren is absolutely brilliant in portraying the voices of the various characters. I think she’s the equal of Jim Dale who does such a wonderful job on the Harry Potter books. I’m going to look for more books read by her in future.

I’m curious whether any other Austen fans out there have read or listened to the book and what you think? Personally, I feel that being familiar with the original adds to the pleasure of this outrageous spin on the tale. Anyone feel differently?

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