Not a Haiku Sunday

It’s Sunday and I find myself totally uninspired. Not sure whether it’s the incredible amount of space my brain is devoting to the Harlequin Horizon fiasco. You want more links? More? Well, you get the idea.

This thing is all over the web. It’s a bit like seeing a train wreck (or perhaps 2012) you want to look away, but you just can’t.

Also, yesterday was a big day in College football. Ohio State v. Michigan (completely mixed loyalties here since my husband is teaching at OSU and my son is attending Michigan). And Oregon v. Arizona. Ducks win! Ducks win! One step closer to the Rose Bowl.

I did go for a walk yesterday, but didn’t take my camera. Wouldn’t you know it–a large hawk flew past me. I swear he was not more than 12 feet away from me as he swooped down, then up into a tree. This was in the middle of the OSU campus. I thought my eyes must be playing tricks. Had to be a pigeon right?

I stopped and checked him out, perched up in that tree. Definitely some kind of hawk. I am not a birder–so don’t know the specific type. But big and gorgeous he was. He might have been this broad-winged hawk.

He definitely did not look like this red-tailed hawk. But this is a cool picture, isn’t it?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=bird+hawk&iid=2746182″ src=”d/a/c/7/Hawks_Homeless_After_864d.jpg?adImageId=7733108&imageId=2746182″ width=”500″ height=”328″ /]

If seeing the hawk couldn’t inspire me, I’m guessing nothing can. I’ll be back next week with a new haiku. Maybe something full of thanks. In the meantime, feel free to jump in with a hawkish, birdie or up in the treetops haiku of your own. Seventeen syllables on three lines. Forget the rest of the rules and set your words free to soar!

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