The BIG game

The game is in Ann Arbor, but Columbus is rocking. Strains of Hang On Sloopy echo up and down High Street and crowds are doing the Buckeye Bounce with an energy that can probably felt in The Big House (Michigan Stadium).

Buckeye fans have reason to celebrate since they came out with a victory and their arch-nemesis–the Wolverines–now have a losing record for the season.

I love these great old rivalries. It would have been an upset had Michigan won today, but they did make a game of it. A few mistakes cost them dearly.

Next week, it will be UCLA and USC. As a lifelong Bruins fan and UCLA alum, I have a bigger interest in that game. I hope it’s televised here, but I’m not too optimistic. Like Michigan, UCLA has not had a stellar season. But they can salvage their pride and make this a season to remember by beating those Trojans.

I enjoy watching the great rivalries–seeing the athletes rise to the occasion when everything is on the line. There’s no holding back. Somewhere in there I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson for us all. Certainly for writers of fiction. Or maybe it’s all just good fun.

Go Bruins!

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