Football energy

One of the nice things about living so close to the university is the energy on football Saturdays. We experience this at home where the University of Montana Grizzlies play within earshot of our house (that is we can hear the crowd and the cannons when Montana scores).

Here at OSU, the traditions are different, but that energy is the same. Early in the morning, North High Street is alive with folks preparing for the game. As the day progresses the pedestrian traffic takes on a crimson red hue. It’s another Buckeye game day.

BTW, who thought of the Buckeye as a mascot? I mean these are nuts–really scary. Give me the Grizzlies or the Bruins any day!

So, what’s happening here above High Street in our apartment? Well, we’re watching the game along with everyone else in Columbus (and possibly most of the state of Ohio). But we have some mixed loyalties. I’m very conscious of the fact that my dad would have been rooting for Minnesota. He grew up in Minnesota and always had a soft spot for the Golden Gophers (another really scary name).

Still, we’re rooting for the Bucks. But we’re also keeping an eye out for the Grizzly score. I’ve got my game day Grizzly t-shirt on and UCLA blue pants, just to have the bases covered. What I’m missing is my Oregon Ducks wear. (And yes–Ducks are fighting machines). I used to have a great Nike Baseball cap with a green “O” on it. I got it when I went to my twenty year re-union in Eugene. Have no idea what happened to it. Maybe I can find one online.

Do you follow College Football? What’s your favorite team name?  Or is Saturday catch-up day for you?

Whatever you do, I hope you discover some energy to re-charge you for the coming week.

Come back tomorrow for my first weekly Haiku.

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