One hour thirteen minutes

Exercising is hard. Not the exercising itself. I actually kind of like it once I get out there.

It’s getting around to it that’s the hard part. My motivation? I know it’s supposed to be health and feeling better and all that. And I really do feel better when I exercise regularly. But for some crazy reason that isn’t enough to get me out the door. What works for me is a good book.

I listen to audio books on my iPod while I’m in the gym. The better the book, the more I want to exercise. I got in hours a day when I was listening to one of the Harry Potter books. Right now I’m listening to Suzanne Brockman’s Heart Throb. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. I finished my session yesterday with one hour and thirteen minutes remaining. I am anticipating a happily ever after ending, but things don’t look to good at the moment.

You better believe I’m planning on a one hour and thirteen minute exercise session today.

How do you keep yourself motivated to do those things you need to do, but don’t really want to do?


  1. You are right, Inverness has some great places to either walk or run, you are never too far away from the hills or woods or the deer,

    But America is massive. Which is why it is a good idea to have your own world going through in your head through your headphones, no matter where you are.

    I suppose it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you will end up at your own fininishing line. And thats whats important!

  2. I agree.
    Now, I imagine being in Inverness, Scotland would be great motivation to be out for a hike. I’ve never been to Scotland, but imagine it is beautiful. (Of course, I’m picturing summer, I’m sure).

    Headphones, music, TV and audio books are all great ways to make the time on the treadmill or cycle go faster. Having a pal along for a walk can be helpful as well.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  3. I’ve just landed on your blog and I think its great! It all helps with the motivation and everything. A good example of mind over matter(or pain). I remember going to a gym in Inverness, Scotland at 6 am to go on the treadmill. And the one thing that kept me going , was I could watch Fraiser on the TV and listen through the earphones!

    Sometimes we need all the help we can get..

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