Costco shopping v. roulette

I’m a Costco shopper. I know what you’re thinking:  big box stores = evil

Let’s just agree to disagree on that generalization. I like saving money and getting high quality products, so I shop at Costco. If it’s got a short shelf life, I’m not going to buy the 25 lb bag (sorry potatoes and onions, our family is no longer large enough). Many non-perishables in large boxes are a screaming deal–cereal, rice, flour, sugar. Then there are the bundled items.

For example, I’ve grown fond of the Chobani Greek Yogurt. It has what I love in a yogurt–non-fat, naturally sweetened, fruit at the bottom. Yum. Problem–it comes in a 12 pack of 3 flavors–blueberry, strawberry and peach. Now, I love blueberry yogurt and strawberry is okay, but I’m not fond of peach. So I bought the 12 pack with some hesitation. If the peach didn’t get eaten, it’s not such a great deal. Plus, I hate the idea of wasting food. My husband would almost rather die than eat yogurt of any kind, so this was all on me.

It turned out I loved the peach–so SCORE! I am now happily munching my way through my second 12 pack.

Then there’s the Kashi TLC granola bars. I love the Trail Mix flavor, but don’t want to pay regular store prices to buy individual bars. The Coscto packages comes with 9 Trail Mix, 8 Peanut Butter and 8 Honey Almond Flax. I’m not crazy about the Peanut Butter flavor, but I will eat it. When I had kids at home, I used to foist the Peanut Butter on them–hey, want a peanut butter snack? Now, I figure it’s up to me. So, I keep the box in the back of the cupboard and reach in blind when I want a snack.

If I come up with a Trail Mix bar, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Peanut Butter or Honey Flax–meh. It’s a satisfying snack and less bad for me than eating a donut, which is what I really wish I were doing whenever I reach for one of these. So–that’s my gambling for the day. That and writing novels. (I’ll post another time about why I feel like a gambler when I’m writing a novel).

Have you turned any of your routine rituals into a game? When are you willing to take a chance and when do you play it safe? How about those Halloween Candy mixes? ‘Fess up. When you shop, you pick the kind that has candy you love, right?


  1. Good point. Halloween candy is primarily a fuel for Nano.

  2. Ah, Costco. I love Costco, and honestly, they treat their employees very well, and seem to really try to get the best, most healthy products when at all possible, so I don’t feel one bit bad about shopping there.

    Unfortunately, we took a chance on their raisin bran a couple weeks ago, because they were out of the Kirkland cereal we love. Yeah, that gamble didn’t pay off so well. I kind of do the same thing as you with granola bars (the quaker brand)…put them in a big bowl on the counter, and force myself not to look when I grab one before work every morning. Peanut Butter…shrug. Raisin – score! LOL

    All other things aside, I’m normally a “play it safe” kinda girl.

    As for Halloween candy, of course I buy what I like. Otherwise what will I eat for snacks during NaNoWriMo? 🙂


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