Well, OSU played Purdue last week at Purdue. But I’d like to take you back to October 10 when OSU hosted Wisconsin right here in Columbus.

It was a beautiful day for a football game. Thanks to the generosity of the law school here, we got a pair of tickets to the game. It’s not so much that we are big OSU fans–of even big football fans. But we felt like we would never truly experience OSU if we didn’t get a chance to attend a home football game. Sure, we enjoy the hooplah from the comfort of our apartment–we watch the game on tv accompanied by the sounds of the crowd outside our window and even the 100,000 Buckeye fans a few blocks away in the stadium. Seeing the game in person adds a special dimension.

Besides, I’m a band geek and the OSU band has a long and proud tradition. Back in the day when half-time shows actually made it into the tv broadcast of a game, I enjoyed watching them perform. I needed to see them in person.

The excitement started with the Goodyear blimp hanging outside our window. We got ready–my husband bought an OSU law school hoodie and I had my OSU baseball cap. The law school loaned us some cushiony seats and the forecast called for sunshine. We were on our way, following the crowds of Buckeyes, dressed largely in red.

From OSU v. Wisconsin

We arrived about a half-hour early to catch the pre-fame show with the famous Script Ohio formation by the band.

From OSU v. Wisconsin

It was fun to watch the band do this trick. I’ve done marching band. It’s hard to make perfectly straight rows and columns and keep them straight while marching and playing. On a football field, you have a bit of help with this because there are lines. But those lines don’t help you with a script formation. I imagine it would be easy for one of those curves to collapse if someone doesn’t know exactly where he or she needs to be.

The one somewhat annoying part of the pre-game was the flag ceremony. The flag was raised is huge and the color guard had to start unfolding it and getting it ready to raise while the band was still performing. I get the logistics of that, but I couldn’t help feeling that it was wrong that people didn’t stand quietly at attention while this was going on.

The other somewhat odd bit was the band exit. Most of the band exited in the direction of their seats, but a large chunk went over to stand in the opposite corner just as the Wisconsin team was entering the field. The Wisconsin cheer squad was there waiting–it was clear the team was about to emerge, yet the band just stood there. The team did get through, but what the heck was that all about? Rudeness or accident? I guess I’d have to go to another game to find out. That’s not going to happen.

I prefer sitting on a comfy seat in my living room while I watch football.

You can see the whole album of my photos here.

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