Random thoughts

So–what else is new? These posts are usually random.

I haven’t had a post for a while, which doesn’t mean my brain has stopped meandering. I just haven’t had time to write it down.

I’m sure I’ve lost plenty of golden ideas, but here are a few that stuck.

Point the first. Shopping at the Hallmark store yesterday I felt like I was being stalked by the saleswoman. Is it the economy that made her feel so desperate to get me to buy just one more card? I don’t know about you, I usually go looking for greeting cards with a sense of purpose. When I find what I’m looking for, I know it. At that point, I want to pay and leave.

Another thought. White Castle. I’ve been craving a White Castle burger more or less constantly since viewing Harold and Kumar with my daughter–maybe in 2005? Okay–yes, I’ve seen it several times because it is one of Faith’s faves. And seeing the Guantanamo Bay sequel only made me love the first movie more. So–finally hit a White Castle yesterday. I think I’d prefer sitting through “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” again rather than having to choke down another White Castle burger.

Yet another. Here in Columbus there’s a wonderful chain of stores called United Dairy Farmers. They feature milk and ice cream at reasonable prices. Plus, they’re an easy walk from my apartment (and just about anywhere else in Columbus–they are more abundant than Starbucks in these parts). Their premium ice cream is called “Homemade” and it’s quite good. But the product that has made me a fan is the “Serious Chocolate” milk. Somehow they pack the richness of a chocolate milk shake into a low fat milk. I’m not asking too many questions. I know it isn’t exactly healthy, but it is delicious and satisfying enough to work as dessert. Yum.

Final and not least by any means. Yet another reason to love Facebook. My long lost cousin found me and we’ve started to re-establish a relationship that was disrupted more than forty years ago by a family rift that we (as kids) had no ability to control. I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to hear from her and know she’s doing well.

And okay, I lied about the finally. Please–if you haven’t yet given to Unleash Your Story, dig out the wallet and give what you can. Donations are way below last year, but there are just as many kids and adults with CF who are counting on our help. Even $5 can make a difference. It’s easy to donate online. Thanks in advance for your support!

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