So we’re maybe a quarter of a mile from the epicenter of the USC vs. Ohio game. The rematch OSU fans have been waiting for after they saw their team soundly trounced in L.A. last year.

From OSU

Please understand that I am a faithful Bruin fan. I’m a grad. Honestly, even before I went to UCLA I loved the Bruins. My Dad used to root for them when I was growing up. Never, never USC even though we lived on the USC side of town. (West tends to root for SC while eastside tends to got for the Bruins–though there are a lot of fans of each all over L.A. and Orange Counties).

When it comes to college sports, I have two teams. UCLA and whatever team is playing USC. Okay, I have a few more rooting interests. My law school–University of Oregon (go Ducks!) and I have a MSLIS from Tennessee, so I will root for the Vols too–though not today when they are playing UCLA. And of course–I am a huge Grizzly fan after more than 20 years of living in Missoula, Montana. But all of these rooting interests are minor in comparison to my primary loyalty to UCLA, which requires an anti-USC agenda.

Which brings us back to today. On this day I am a huge OSU fan because they are playing USC. And as seems to happen more often than not, my team is the underdog. The Buckeyes are not really used to the underdog position, but there you are. USC is favored to win by 7 even though the game will be played in the Buckeye’s house. Even though I can look out my window here and see streams of fans wearing crimson and spelling out O-H-I-O ever time anyone plays “Hang on Sloopy.”

The game will be sold out. It is being broadcast in 3-D at a local movie theater, plus it is on TV.

I suspect most of the crowd at Eddie George’s Grille 27 does not have a ticket. They will enjoy the experience right where they are.

From OSU

The hype has been mounting all week and I plan to watch the game and enjoy


  1. Don’t know Mike. We’ve only been here for this school year. Arrived August 12, I think and we’ll be here until the end of the school year in May.

    I’m enjoying Columbus.

  2. I live a couple miles from U of O! You wouldn’t happen to know Mike Sodol, would you? He’s joining my critique group and said he used to teach at U of O’s law school. Anyway, yeah, I’m one of those anti-USC Californians that roots for whoever is playing them as well. Hopefully my school (Oregon State) will kick their butts again this year!

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